Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bernath Sensei

Yasuo Kobayashi Sensei

Tamura Sensei

3rd Doshu - 2

2nd Doshu - 2

3rd Doshu

2nd Doshu

O-Sensei 2


Chiba Sensei

Kanai Sensei

Muso Shinden Ryu (Nagae Matasaburo) - Fourth Level

Muso Shinden Ryu (Nagae Matasaburo) - Third Level

Muso Shinden Ryu (Nagae Matasaburo) - Second Level

Muso Shinden Ryu (Nagae Matasaburo) - First Level

Yamada Sensei & Sugano Sensei

Kanai Sensei

This is an awesome video clip of Mitsunari Kanai Shihan with David Halpin Sensei as his uke.


5 Kumitachi

31 Jo Kata Awase

31 Jo Kata demonstrated by M. Saito Shihan

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